Friday, July 9, 2010

Ukraine Visa Requirements & Application Procedure Eligibility

Ukraine Visa Requirements and  Application Procedure Eligibility

Ukraine is a small country with considerable population located to the east of Europe. Once, it was a part of Soviet Union and got split and freed by 1991. The economic condition is not at top, but it is slowly developing after a great recession of 2000. The climate and weather conditions prevailing in Ukraine is survival friendly; it is snowy & cold during winter and warm or hot during summer. Ukraine is not a hot tourist spot, but the tourism there is evolving forward. Crimera Peninsula, Hovera peak and resorts and beaches around them are popular tourist sites. Mostly travelers come to Ukraine for its catholic churches, monasteries and fortresses.

Travelers from countries United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, San Marino, Mongolia, Lithuania, countries of commonwealth independent states do not need a Visa to enter Ukraine. They can stay up to a time limit of 90 days within a period of 180 days. But, for the travelers from countries not mentioned above, they need to download the application form from the Ukraine embassy website or from Ukraine consulates. They need to apply not less than 3 months before the day of travel. Following requirements should be sent to them in order to get a Ukraine visa

1. Passport of the person (Original)
2. Completed application form
3. Self addressed prepaid envelope,
4. Recently taken passport sized photo
5. Money order for the cost of visa. The visa fee differs for different types of visa. Details will be available at Ukraine embassy or consulates websites.

All these should be sent only through Fedex or Express mail couriers. The applicant will receive call back from the embassy or consulate where he applied after the validation of documents sent by him.

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