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Mexico Visa Requirements & Application Procedure Eligibility

Mexico Visa Requirements and Application Procedure Eligibility

Mexico, the tail of North America is a attractive tourist location for people all around the world. The country ranks at 10th in the hot spots for tourism. Tourism alone contributes for about 13 percent in annual GDP of Mexico, growing at 3 - 4 percent per year. Lots of beaches and city destinations speak in-depth above its art. The culture of people here is a fusion of European and Meso American. The people are social activity lovers; they give importance to fun and friends than their job.

As Mexico is known for its tourist places rather than a study destination or business, Tourist visas are the most applied one. To get a tourist visa, Mexico has its own set of criterions. Those who own green card and those who are cruise ship passengers; visa is not necessary to enter Mexico. And also, travelers from United States, Canada, and from some European countries are exempted from visa formalities. The list of countries is available in embassy website. But, they can stay for a maximum duration of 6 months. Those traveling must have passport and The Migration form for tourists to enter Mexico. Following are the mandatory requirements for other country travelers to get a Mexico visa.

1. Completed application form
2. Passport with validity at least six months
3. Return tickets from Mexico.
4. Recent passport sized photograph.
5. Proof and evidence of fund to stay.
6. If applying through post, self addressed and stamped envelope to send back the visa.

Cost of applying for Visa is 30 Euros. And the duration to get visa is maximum 3 days. If applying through post, it will take 5 weeks.

In order to extend the validity of a Visa, one can do it at the National Institute of Migration Office. A valid reason and proof for fund availability is required.

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