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Argentina Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

Argentina Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility
Argentina is second largest country in South America and one of the well-established G-20 countries, called as argentine republic. Due its temperate and cold climatic conditions attracts many tourists especially Americans.

Types of visa
There are three types mainly
1.    Short-term–it includes two Tourism, Cultural and religious type.
2.    Temporary residence for up to one year-it can be of any type such as Work, Study, Residence, Retirement and Medical.
3.    Permanent –but this is only for family for citizens of Argentina.

Visa requirements
Citizens of European Union, United States of America and some Latin nations are not required of visa for up to 90 days. But for other citizens, the following are necessary,

•    Passport or any other document that is approved by argentine republic,
•    Standard passport size photograph (4x4 cm preferably light blue in Color)
•    Birth certificate in an international form,
•    Ticket for the trip,
•    Payment of fee for the consulate,
•    Proving sufficient funds for surviving in the host country,
•    Certificate of Medically fit,
•    Conduct certificate issued by national police.
You can stay 90 days that is maximum duration and is extended through national immigration office for the same number of days. More or less the requirements and procedures are similar for all visa types in Argentina.

If the immigrant want his/her pets to be taken certain criteria needs to be fulfilled.
•    Fully completed form which includes the information about the owner
•    Information about the animal that is sex, size, color and signs if present
•    Certificate of vaccination mainly about rabies vaccine awareness for 3 Months old, less than that sanitary official’s certificate must be issued.
•    Certificate from zoo sanitary to verify whether the animal has any infectious or parasitic diseases.
•    Quarantine if the animal doesn’t fulfill the needs then, necessary actions are taken.

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