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Sri Lanka Visa Requirements & Application Procedure Eligibility

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements and Application Procedure Eligibility

Sri Lanka is located at the south most corner of Asia. Sri Lanka is known for its Seductive beaches, Fertile Lands, mile long bamboo forests on milky same, bounteous rivers and waterfalls, diverse wildlife, vibrant culture and festivals like Navam Perahera. People apply Sri Lanka visa for business reasons, for tour, or to reside temporarily there for some period of time.

Different types of visa are there for different purposes of visit. Some are multiple entry visa, Residence visa, Visit visa, Transit and Visas to registrants under the special resident guest scheme. Issue of visa and is being done by the Controller of Immigration & Emigration department and Heads of Sri Lanka Missions Abroad.

Procedure for Applying Visa:

To avail a Sri Lanka visa, one need to approach the Controller of Immigration and Emigration departments with the following documents

1. Application form of relevant Visa
2. Valid passport of the applicant
3. Two to Three passport sizes photograph of approximate size 3.5 * 4.5 cm.
4. Documentary proof for the purpose of visit.
5. Evidence of financial stand.
6. Finger prints of the applicant if necessary
7. Written assurance to return to the country of domicile in case of transit and tour visas.
8. Recommendation of NGO secretariat in case of transit Visa
9. Recommendation from the Ministry of higher studies in case of study visas

It is always recommendable to visit the website of controller of Immigration and Emigration to get updated and detail information.

Cost of Visa varies from 5000 INR to 10000 INR. Travelers from Schedule 'A' countries listed in their website are exempted from having visa to enter Sri Lanka.

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