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Hungary Visa Requirements & Application Procedure Eligibility

Hungary Visa Requirements and Application Procedure Eligibility

Hungary visa is not required for US nationals for a stay in Hungary. This is valid for a period not more than three months in a six months period. If the purpose of visit is for tour, study or business, the individual should contact directly at the embassy or consulate.

For the non-US citizens who wish to make a stay for any purpose in Hungary, then certain procedure is to be followed. The passport you hold must be valid for at least six months beyond your date of stay. A passport photograph not older than six months must accompany the visa application form. Onward travel tickets must be submitted at the time of submission of application form. You have to submit your financial support proof, which means your bank statement copy.

A health insurance proof with validity in Hungary of not less than $37500 should be submitted for obtaining the Hungary visa. Proof of accommodation in hotel or if with relatives, a letter of invitation must be given in support. Applications are to be submitted at the Embassy of Hungary on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Entry visa are valid for up to 90 days stay. Single entry visas have a validity of 6 months and that of double entry too. Multiple entry visas are valid for a period of one year. Transit visas are also available for visit to a third country and valid for a stay of up to 48 hours. Authorization of visa takes about 10 days from the date of submitting the application.

The fees for Hungary visa differ. For single entry visa, it costs $65, $100 for double entry and $200 for multiple entry visas. If you want along term Hungarian visa for a residence permit, you have to pay $40. However credit cards are not accepted.

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