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Pakistan Visa Requirements & Application Procedure Eligibility

Pakistan Visa Requirements and Application Procedure Eligibility

Pakistan is once known for its ancient monuments and Gurudwaras. But, now it is seen as a terror outlet, makes it less attractive option for tourism and business.

Who Needs Pakistan Visa
Following travelers are exempted from having Pakistan visa.

1. Holders of Pakistan Origin Card.
2. Travelers from Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Iceland, Maldives, Zambia, Nepal, Transit passenger who are staying a maximum of 24 hours.
3. UN - Laissey pass holders.
Travel to Northwest frontier provinces, Baluchistan and Northern areas are not advised because of random attacks from terrorists there.

Procedure and Requirements

To own a Pakistan visa, one need to approach consulates or Consular section at embassy with following documents.

1. Passport with at least six months validity and also a photocopy of the same
2. Application form. Can be downloaded at consulate or embassy website.
3. Two recent passport size photographs
4. Confirmed onward or return journey tickets
5. Printed proof for sufficient fund to stay
6. In case of business visit, Letter of invitation from the company of visit should be included.

The maximum time to issue a visa is two business days. For Pilgrimage visas, it will take two months.

Validity of Visa
A visa issued is valid for a travel within six months from the date of issue and to a stay up to 3 months. For multiple entry visas, validity can be extended upto 1 year with a maximum once visit of three months.

Cost of visa for Single Entry is 45 Euros.
Double Entry - 60 Euros
Multiple Entries - 81 Euros

For detail information of various visas, it is advised to visit the website of embassy or consulates.

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