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Bulgaria Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

Bulgaria Visa Requirements and Application Procedures Eligibility

Bulgaria visa requirements are quite similar to that of most of the countries. The only thing that mainly differs is the exemption for the countries. In case of Bulgaria visa, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden Switzerland and Vatican citizens with a valid passport do not require any visa to enter Bulgaria.

Nationals from UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland and America do not need visa for stay in Bulgaria up to 90 days within a period of six months. Only a valid passport would serve the purpose.

Citizens from all other countries who intend to make a stay a Bulgaria must submit an application along with a passport photograph at the Bulgarian embassy and consulate. A valid passport of six months is a must for the application. The purpose of stay in the country must be clearly stated by a covering letter. If the stay is for tour, there should be hotel confirmation bill from the Bulgarian Hotel along with the registration number of the Hotel and the name, address and the registration number of the tourist company with whom you want o visit the places must be submitted at the time of submission of application form for Bulgaria visa. Return ticket must also be submitted at the time of application along with bank statement and tax returns.

If the purpose of visit is for business, the requirements are the same but you need to submit the invitation or offer letter from the Hungarian company attested by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. Students are required to bring the admission letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria. Tourist visas are single entry visas and have a validity period of three months and ensure a maximum period of one month. Business visa is a multiple entry one and valid for three months. Having a valid health insurance is a must for obtaining Bulgarian visa. On entering the country, all visitors must register as foreigners within five days of their arrival at some local police station.

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