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Egypt Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

Egypt Visa Requirements and Application Procedures Eligibility

Egypt, the land of pyramids also called as land of wonders. It is one of the oldest dynasties and civilizations in the world. We can't find the culture followed there anywhere else in the world. It is composed of two types of land, a highly fertile black land and a straight opposite no fertile red land (desert). The river Nile flows like a long phython. This is the land of people who believe in life after death. It is the land that showcased the world with its impressive art works. Nonetheless, Egypt is the top tourist destination in the world.

One can get visa for Egypt either at the airport at the time of boarding or at The Egyptian Diplomatic and Consular Missions Abroad stations. Either way needs a passport with validity not less than 6 months.

Two types of visas are available to enter Egypt. They are

1. Tourist visa, for those whose intension of visit is only to tour around the Egypt. The validity is not more than three months.
2. Entry visa, for those who come to Egypt for the purpose of study or work.

Visa is valid only for travel within three months from the date of issue and the travelers are not supposed to stay more than one month from the date of their arrival to Egypt. One can extend the validity period of entry visa by approaching the Visa department at the Travel documents, Immigration, Nationality Administration office stating a valid reason for extension. The cost of visa ranges from 15 USD.

Citizens from the countries Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Gopati, Syria, Oman, Qatar, and Libya, Saudi Arabia are exempted from having visa to enter Egypt. Also, travelers entering Egypt through the overland border and Port of taba can visit Gulf of Aqaba coast and St.Catherine without visa and can stay up to 14 days.

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