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Italy Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

Italy Visa Requirements and Application Procedures Eligibility

Citizens from European countries do not require any visa to stay in Italy for work.  American nationals too do not require any Italy visa for visiting and staying in Italy for business purpose or a personal visit. However you should have a valid American passport valid up to three months from the date of stay and the stay should not exceed 90 days in six months.

Italy visa can be obtained by submitting an application at the Italian consulate along with a passport size photograph. The passport with at least three months validity from the date of stay and the letter of acceptance from the company you wish to visit or university indicating the name of the place of stay and duration must be submitted along with the application. You will have to submit a letter stating the financial means of supporting yourself during your stay in Italy along with your Bank account number signed by a Bank official. The return flight booking papers and if on vacation a leer must be obtained from the employer stating the approval for vacation. Minors traveling without his parents must submit authorization for travel from both the parents and legal guardian.

The time required for issuing a visa ranges from two to twelve days depending on the nationality of the individual. Postal applications are not welcome. Individual have to submit their application to the Italian consulate in his country. In case of student visa, proof of Health Insurance must be shown to the authorized officials in Italy to get the residency permit. A Health Insurance may also be purchased on arrival at Italy that has been specially launched by the Government of Italy to cover the medical expenses incurred during the tome of stay.

The checks must be taken care of due to the global risk associated with the various terrorist attacks and also of the domestic terrorism in Italy by the left group. Otherwise the visits to Italy are not cumbersome and trouble-free.

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