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Russia Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

Russian Visa Requirements and Procedures Eligibility

Who will require a visa?
The visa issuing authorities of Russia are very strict and therefore citizens of all countries require issuing a visa for safe and legal stay in Russia.

Required Necessary Documents:

The following documents are required for the issue of visa:

•    A passport with 6 months validity
•    Two completely filled visa application forms along with photocopies of the same
•    Required number of Passport size photographs.
•    Bank statements, pay-in slips and proof of possession of sufficient funds to bear all personal expenses during the period of stay
•    Both to and fro travel tickets along with photocopies
•    Health certificate

There are also other documents along with the above documents which are required during the issue of different types of visa.

For issuing Tourist visas, travelers are required to present original tourist vouchers issued in their name by the authorized Russian travel agencies.
For issuing Business Visas, travelers must possess an invitational document having proper insignia of the Russian Foreign Ministry or by the authorized Russian Federation Migration Service branches.

Travelers are required to issue a Transit visa if they are traveling to any other country through Russia. Travelers are also required to present the visa of the country to which they will travel after departing from Russia.

Time required for issue of Visa:
The time taken to issue visas for nationals of different countries varies from 7 to 14 working days. However, it might take few more days if any complications occur during the issue of the whole process. It is advised to applicants to keep sufficient time in hand for the issue of Visas.

Costs involved in issuing visa:
The costs involved in issuing different types of visa depend upon the processing time and urgency of the applicant. All types of single, double and multiple entry visas can cost between $130 and $450. To issue visa in its normal time costs $130 whereas to process and issue visa on the same day can cost up to $450.

Validity of Visa:
Tourist Visas and Business Visas are valid for 30 days while Transit Visas are valid for 4 days.

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