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South Korea visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

South Korea visa Requirements and Procedures Eligibility

South Korea is located below the 31st parallel of the Korean peninsula. Mountainous east, and western and southern areas by harbours and off shore islands cover rout Korea. It is a fast developing country in terms of economy, creating some business opportunities. Already, some multinational companies start basing in the capital Seoul. South Korea is also a attractive country for tourism. Androny, Dosan seewon are some of the tourist spots. Tourists come here annually to see the famous Mask dance festival. Other than these areas, Busan tower in Yongdusan Park, Jesn Island are also eye catchy for tourists. One can get bird eye view at the top of the Busan tower.

Getting visa to South Korea is no longer be a tough job. The maximum duration to get a visa is 4 to 5 business days. The first thing to do is to download the visa application form from the country embassy website or from that of consulates. Exemptions from having visa is given to travelers from united states, European Union Countries and some other countries for stay of 90days. Details are available at Embassy website. And also for those traveling for diplomatic or official concerns, exemptions are given, but it is always advised to visit the website of the embassy for full details and contacts.

Following are the mandatory requirements for South Korean visa,

1. Passport of the person (Original)
2. Completed application form written in black
3. Self addressed and stamped envelope,
4. Recently taken passport sized photo
5. Money order or DD taken for the payment of visa cost.
6. Proof for sufficient balance (provided by a bank)

For those traveling for short-term employment and for students, it is required to submit additional documents.

Cost of Visa
For single entry - up to 50 USD
For multiple entry - 80 USD

For prolongation of single entry permit - 20 USD

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