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Switzerland Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

Swiss Visa Application Procedure Switzerland Visa Requirements and Procedures

Once you think of traveling to any foreign country the most important aspect is to have a valid visa for sty in that country. Each country has its own rules and regulations for permitting a foreign national to stay in their country.
All travelers must have a passport validity of 90 days from the date of departure.  EU, United States of America, Canada, Japan and Australian citizens have the permission to stay in Switzerland without any visa for 90 days. If the stay extends for more than three months, there is need for residence permit for which an application should be made.

Nationals other than from the above mentioned countries can get various type of visa depending upon their requirements. A tourist visa must ensure that your passport does not expire within six months of your date of departure from Switzerland. It is required that you submit an application at the Swiss embassy in your country along with a passport photo and the requisite fee which may vary from one country to another. A poof may also be asked of you regarding your financial source during your stay at Switzerland.

A person seeking a business visa must give a proof establishing his business connection with any Swiss company in addition to what is required for a tourist visa. The connection with the country could be an offer letter or even an invitation from any Swiss Company inside the country.

The only difference between tourist visa and visitor visa is that in the latter case, the application must be accompanied with a copy of the letter from the Swiss citizen you want to visit and the photocopy of his passport or identity card and the entire kit should be sent directly to the Swiss consulate of that country.

Transit visa helps the traveler to stay in Switzerland for up to 48 hours during his journey to some other country. In this case not only the application and the photo, the details of the ongoing flight booking proof are to be sent to the embassy.

It is important to apply for the Swiss visa about three weeks for the planned date of departure and the processing time usually takes three days.  For long time visa, it is recommended that you make the application at least two months in advance as the processing time will require about two months.

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