Friday, April 16, 2010

UK Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

UK Visa Requirements and Procedures Application Form Eligibility

The procedure of applying a Visa changes from country to country. Students these days decide to travel to UK for further studies and search for employment opportunities. People travel for business as well as for pleasure or to settle down in UK. If in case anyone wishes to travel to UK applying for the visa is a must. The procedures and requirements for applying for a visa in UK differ from city to city. It is essential for all applicants to check out with relevant UK Embassy or any Consulate in order to know the procedures and requirements for visa application.

In general in order to apply for the visa for UK applicant need to have the visa application, photographs, passport, and other some documents along with the application fees. Applicant will need to ask for form VAF1 a non-settlement visa form. If in case applicant has any young children meeting the entry requirements their details can be included in the same form itself. VAF1 form can include the details of applicant’s partner or the spouse if they wish to apply and if their requirements too are met. At the time of application for visa it is essential to display a valid passport and all required travel documents.

Along with other documents applicant needs to provide 2 to 3 passport size photographs. A non-refundable visa application fee is to be paid in local currency. Along with all these documents it is essential to present some financial position information to prove that the applicant has some money in bank. Some firm travel plans are to be presented. Once all required documents are submitted, feel are collected, it is simple to receive the visa for UK. Submit the visa application through online sources or hand it over at the office nearby. Within few days time the visa will be at your doorsteps.

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