Thursday, February 25, 2010

USA Visa Requirements & Application Procedures Eligibility

USA Visa Requirements and Application Procedures Eligibility Application Form Download

If in case you wish to travel to United States of America you need to carry a visa for the same. In order to travel to USA a foreign citizen needs to obtain the non-immigrant visa for temporary stay and an immigrant visa for permanent stay. As per the purpose of travel the type of visa required differs. The residents of United States of America need not carry a US visa for personal travel purpose. If you are a resident of USA and plan to travel abroad you require a visa issued by embassy of country you wish to travel. In order to travel to USA anyone needs to fill up the visa application form and submit it along with some essential documents.

A valid passport, demand draft, visa application fees, processing charges, visa form, l-20 form, admission letter, aid letter, exam scores, financial documents, and the letter from a sponsor is required to be submitted. Students who wish to study abroad in USA are required to apply for the visa and submit all required documents in time. The best way to know the USA Visa requirements and procedures is to verify the procedure from consulate office. Visa application form is easily available at online sources. Just download the form and fill it up with required details.

Once the applicant’s eligibility criteria are satisfied the visa is issued in prescribed time. In some cases the visa application might be rejected. Any applicants lacking the required documents may be rejected. US authorities can reject the applicant has any criminal records, prostitution cases, or any communicable diseases. Applying for the visa for USA is simplified now days as applicants can either visit the office nearby or follow the procedure online. Online visa application procedure is simple and saves lots of time and energy.

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